Are You Ready to Get Off your Broom?

Tomorrow is the official kick-off of my first fitness challenge, Get Off Your Broom: A Witchy Fitness Challenge! I want all of you to be as successful as you can possibly be so I’ve been doing a little research on how to conduct this challenge. I’ve found that the best blog fitness challenges seem to have 3 things in common:

1. The Host Offers Lots of Encouragement

I don’t take this responsibility lightly. If only a dozen of you had signed up, I probably would have been able to half ass it. But no, several dozen of you have signed up! Right now there are 88 official participants. (To become an official participant you need to fill out the sign up form at the announcement post.) So instead of being responsible for guiding a handful of people through this 3 month long challenge, I am responsible for an entire crowd. No pressure, right? While I am quivering in my boots a little, the fact that so many people have shown interest has been a huge motivator for me to give it my all! So I thank you for signing up!

2. The Host Offers Mini-Challenges Each Week

What? Mini-challenges! I thought we just had to check in on Saturday. That was the original plan, but it goes back to #1, the host offers lots of encouragement. I want all of you to succeed and part of that success comes from not getting bored. Each week I will be giving you a mini-challenge to complete. You can take it or leave it. It’s entirely optional. Each mini-challenge will be given on Saturday along with my check in here at The Domestic Pagan.

3. Participants Are Encouraged to Support and Interact With Each Other

At each Saturday check-inyou will be encouraged to leave a comment with the link to your check-in post so everyone can blog hop. Blog hopping is when you leave the link to your blog so everyone can visit each other and leave comments of support and encouragement. Even if you don’t leave comments you can visit the participant page where I have your name linked to your blog or Facebook page. That was awfully sneaky of me, I know. Here’s why I did it though. If you have accountability, then you are more likely to succeed. If you know people might be checking your blog to see how you’re doing, you will likely do better than if you remained anonymous. Also, how are you supposed to show support for each other if you don’t know where to go to do that?

The Week One Mini-Challenges

I’ll be honest. Actually, this week’s mini-challenge isn’t really mini. It’s kind of big and has quite a few parts. I know it’s a lot of work already but in my opinion, these mini-challenges are probably the most important ones of all! They will be the foundation of your success.

First, I want you to take a before picture. Oh the horror! Don’t worry. I won’t be requiring that you post it if you don’t want to. However, you may want to post it at the end of the challenge when you have your after picture. It’s a great way to really see what you accomplish in the next 3 months.

Second, I want you to take your weight and the measurements of at least your hips, waist, and chest. Your thighs and arms are optional. You are doing both weight and measurements because this challenge is about fitness, not just about losing weight. If I lose 5 lbs but my waist hasn’t gotten smaller, than I know I haven’t truly succeeded. Now that you know your starting stats, what are your goals? What can you reasonably accomplish in the next 3 months but is challenging enough to keep you striving? You may even want to break your goals into 3 month increments.

Third, I want you to make a plan. This is the hardest of the three mini-challenges. There are so many diets and exercise plans out there that choosing one can be absolutely overwhelmingIt may take some research on your partbut along with knowing where you are going (your goals) you need to know how to get there (your plan)Make this plan as simple or detailed as you would like. Maybe your plan is simply to cut sweets and exercise five times a week. Or maybe you have a plan that includes a comprehensive exercise program that includes cardio, yoga, and strength training and a vegetarian diet complete with menus and a list of superfoods that you should eat.

When you are all done with those mini-challenges, if you have blogged about them I strongly encourage you to add the link the comments to this post or when I post my goals and plans tomorrow. I want to start blog hopping already so we can begin to support each other.